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  • Although we have tried our best to ensure that all pictures, text and amounts in this catalog are correct and representative, there may be (for example) typographical errors in the pricing or descriptions, or programming bugs in the links between the descriptions and the photographs.


  • Inaccuracies in color reproduction can be introduced by a number of elements, such as the type of film and lighting, scanning equipment, image compression schemes, and the computer's video resolution and palette. A monitor screen may be designed or adjusted to display colors differently than might be expected. On our design screen, the fabric colors shown in these web pages closely parallel the actual colors. But, we don't know what they might look like on your computer system.


  • Due to the tremendous amount of hand-crafting involved in the batik process, it is virtually impossible to attain the level of duplication sometimes expected of mass-produced or synthetic materials. Because of the inherent diversity in the fabrics, you should consider the swatches displayed on this site to be representative of a range of colors and patterns, rather than an exact depiction of what your garment will look like. (Rather than being a drawback, we think of this as a wonderful plus, since each and every garment is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation.)


  • We will do our best to come to a fair resolution with you, if any of the above issues result in your being dissatisfied. However, our limit of liability will be to refund your full purchase price or to replace your merchandise with a suitable article, at our discretion.


  • If you discover an error, a bug, or a misrepresentation in our catalog, we would really appreciate hearing about it. Thanks for your understanding.


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