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click to see our full Fabric LineMost of the garments in the Real Bodies line are made of Rayon, a comfortable, natural fabric.

Some people may think of polyester or other synthetic fibers when they hear Rayon. However, Rayon, a textile material, is  composed of cellulose obtained from cotton linters or from the pulp of trees such as spruce. Since the introduction of rayon about 1900, it has been used in many textile fields. At first rayon was called artificial silk because, in its filament form, it somewhat resembles silk.

The manufacture of rayon filaments (and all manufactured fibers) is done by means of an extrusion process called spinning. In this procedure the fiber-forming liquid is forced through tiny holes in a nozzle or spinneret into a liquid bath containing a solution that produces filaments of pure cellulose, which can be spun into yarn. The filaments are drawn together to form both fibers and yarn in a single, continuous process.


For best results, hand wash in cold water and hang dry. A light ironing to smooth out any small wrinkles is all that's required to restore a fresh look to the garment. Of course, garments can also be dry-cleaned or (except for fringed articles) machine washed and dried.

Real Bodies clothing is made predominately of 100% rayon. Rayon is a cool, comfortable, easy care natural fabric. Rayon and rayon blends are particularly flattering to people with "real bodies" because the fabric is loose and flowing. We also offer a selected line in cotton and cotton jersey fabrics.


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